Congratulations to this year’s CU Impossible winner: Missouri Valley Federal Credit Union!
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If you are a credit union under $100 million in assets,
we’ve assembled industry experts to help take you to the next level.

We’re back for another year!

Everyday you are surrounded by a flurry of staff requests, members that need your help, endless emails, system failures and more hats than you can keep track of. The little “fires” you put out all day stop you from thinking strategically and planning for growth.

The new competitors in the financial landscape and the giants bring new technology and often get to bypass the regulation that credit unions adhere to. The community still has underserved and underbanked. Payday lenders prey on those that do not know better, but still the credit union loses members or struggles to grow assets.

With small credit unions going away, rural communities and underserved markets are in jeopardy of losing their financial advocates. Many smaller credit unions who strive to serve their communities and fill the gaps left by larger financial institutions aren’t aware of the resources available that can help them better serve their members and the underserved communities.

A network of industry partners who can provide services to small credit unions that can inspire them to seek alternatives to mergers, and provide the support needed to continue operating, but also to grow and thrive.

One credit union under $100 million in assets will be chosen for all industry partners involved in this project to receive services free of charge. A holistic plan will be produced specifically for the chosen credit union and each partner will work together to create a strategic plan and individually as needed to fulfill the project scope.

Congrats to our 2021 winner Missouri Valley FCU

This $43 million credit union in St. Charles County, MO was a finalist last year and we’re thrilled to name them the winner for 2021.

How To Get Started

What The Winner Receives


July 20th

Accepting Applications

September 11th

Submission Deadline

October 16th

Finalists Announced

November 13th

Winner Announced

Applications should include written component documenting the history of the credit union, the problem it is currently experiencing keeping it from growing, and the potential solutions the credit union has discussed to get unstuck and grow. Submission must be signed off by CEO and board chair, acknowledging that they are open to any and all ideas and will proceed as suggested by the various experts involved in this project

The Team Behind You

About Brian Rollo Consulting Group

Brian Rollo Consulting Group is a consulting practice focused on reimagining business challenges into transformational opportunities. BRCG helps organizations leverage internal culture and influential leadership to create happier and more productive workplaces.

Brian Rollo formed BRCG in 2019 with the aim of helping financial services
organizations create dynamic futures. Brian believes that a people-first philosophy is the key to sustainable success.

How they will help you

12 month Executive Leadership Coaching Program facilitated with bi-weekly phone/video calls.

Spearhead a 12 month Culture Initiative designed to magnify what is special about your organizational culture and discover opportunities to take the next step. Includes surveys, focus groups, and creation of an internal team of Culture Champions.

About Crosstream

Crosstream Digital is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) founded by and for small credit unions that need digital display signage for their branch but don’t have the budget of a billion-dollar credit union. That’s why we offer eye-catching digital displays that are affordable and easy to use.

Brian Rollo formed BRCG in 2019 with the aim of helping financial services
organizations create dynamic futures. Brian believes that a people-first philosophy is the key to sustainable success.

How they will help you

  • No up-front equipment costs
  • Free service for 12 months
  • Plug-and-play setup
  • Creative for displays provided by YMC
  • Simple backend programming
About uncommn Marketing Partners

uncommn Marketing Partners is a modern marketing and web development agency that just gets it. With decades spent in the credit union industry, we’ve experienced the frustrations that come with waiting for returned messages, web edits and results. That’s what makes us uncommn. From responsive, ADA-compliant websites to social media management, search engine marketing and credit union branding and rebranding projects, uncommon Marketing Partners has the experience and expertise to help you look your absolute best. Ready to grow your brand? Us too! Learn more now at

How they will help you

uncommn Marketing Partners will help the winning credit union’s brand look their best online with a fully customized, ADA-compliant website. The site will be built using mobile-first design to provide the best member experience to users on all devices and browsers.

About Your Credit Union Partner

At Your Credit Union Partner, strategic business planning is the foundation of our work. We collaborate with credit unions to maximize impact for their organization, their members, and the communities they serve. Our process provides a robust planning experience resulting in clearly defined strategic priorities and actionable tactical plans resulting in organic growth, increased revenue, and community impact.

How they will help you

  • 2 day strategic planning meeting
  • Comprehensive written strategic business plan with tactical support and pro forma financials for 3 years
  • Monthly phone/video check-ins with Leadership to track plan progress
  • 3 hours of Board/Leadership Training based on outcomes of strategic business plan (ie. Governance, Community Development, etc)
About Your Marketing Co.

YMC is a strategic marketing firm that only works to help credit unions who seek innovation, relevancy and growth. We partner with credit unions to help them avoid costly marketing mistakes and realize unprecedented growth using a unique time-tested action plan.

How they will help you

  • 12 month strategic marketing plan
  • Execution of that strategic marketing plan for 12 months
  • Weekly phone/video conferences with project updates and strategic check-ins
  • Monthly marketing report updating progress and data for the leadership team and board
About AutoLink™
Auto Link’s car buying portal is branded uniquely for your CU and embedded directly on your website. With our Patent Pending Technology, you can be confident that no 3rd party cookies will be placed on your member’s device ensuring you are the only one who knows they are in the market.

How they will help you

AutoLink™ will be providing one year of auto buying service for the website of the winning credit union.


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